Akshay Pratisthan

Akshay Pratishthan, having started in tents in Dakshinpuri for a handful of children has grown to a rehabilitation centre in Vasant Kunj supporting more than 400 children. It started with the aim of providing education, medical care, vocational training, and employment opportunities. In the last 20 years, Akshay has grown from strength to strength leaving its imprint by providing services to the underprivileged and the differently abled sections of the society. Akshay Pratishthan has integrated able bodied and differently abled children to form an institution looked upon by everyone. Over the years, the students have shown a thirst to prove themselves in every field leaving no stone unturned. Our students have crossed many hurdles to participate and excel in academics, sports, fine arts and the performing arts. Akshay Pratishthan is growing with the continuous support of the donors, sponsors, volunteers, children and their parents. It is our dream to educate the differently abled and underprivileged sections of the society on a platform to prove that ‚ÄúNothing is Impossible.”